Germany IP XEN VPS

Powerful XEN virtual servers located in Germany. The best european network connectivity: a total bandwidth of 1.15 Tbps, min. 99% network availability, redundant network carriers, juniper routing technology, 100% switched network, 24/7 monitoring and protection against DDoS for free.

XEN VPS: XEN Virtual Private Servers

Here are our Virtual Private Servers in Germany (hearth of Europe).

The XEN hypervisor is a layer of software that replaces the operating system, allowing the computer hardware to run multiple guest operating systems concurrently on the hypervisor, all of those with isolated resources.

Take the advantages of a dedicated server with a much lower price. Move to a XEN VPS and have exclusive use of resources for your project.

Our VPS are unmanaged and we don't limit bandwidth (unmetered network traffic)

Test IP and download test

If you want to test the upload speed of our servers, use the following link to download a file:
100 MB

If you want to test the ping delay, use the following command in your terminal:


  • ping


  • XEN advanced virtualization technology
  • Guaranteed CPU speed, RAM and disk space
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows, OpenBSD
  • Remote console and rescue mode
  • Full control
  • Unlimited network traffic
  • Faster, the best performance rates